Beer List

Blue Moon • Newcastle • Voodoo Ranger IPA

Fat Tire • Samuel Adams • Boulevard Wheat

Corona • Miller Lite • Budweiser • Bud Light

Bud Select • Michelob Ultra • Schlafly Hefeweize

Sam’l Smith Rasberry Ale •  Glutiny (Gluten Free)


Dirty Mary

Magpie’s Gin and Tonic

Pinckney Bend Gin (New Haven, MO) with it’s own tonic syrup and club soda


Our version of a Hurricane made with strawberry lemonade and Bacardi peach rum

Dixie Tea

Sweet Tea vodka with lemonade

Hot Halston

Our favorite! Bailey’s, Kahlua and coffee topped with whipped cream and a shot of Grand Marnier. Served in a cinnamon rimmed cup

Naked Baby

Frangelico, Bailey’s and coffee topped with whipped cream and chocolate

Grandma’s Cider

Hot spiced cider with Grand Marnier

Peppermint Bark

Peppermint Schnapps with hot chocolate and whipped cream

Raspberry Lemonade

Raz liquer and Stoli Raz vodka with lemonade and club soda

Cadillac Margarita

Patron & Grand Marnier